Mr and Mrs Perrett's Cheese Knife

Being the weirdest friend ever, I decided to make the best wedding present for one of my oldest friend Alexandra upon her marridge to Ashley. I was going to make a cake knife to cut the cake, but they decided to have a cake made out of cheese, so a cheese knife it was!


I started with a massive bit of silver! It slowly going to be forged out to create the edge that the cheese knife needs!

WP_20140723_13_41_45_Pro (2).jpg

Here it is all forged out!

WP_20140723_14_14_53_Pro (2).jpg
WP_20140723_16_31_21_Pro (2).jpg

The shape is drawn on to the metal, then cut out to create the cheese knife.


Here I am demonstrating my dwarf beard to amuse the bride.


Demonstrating the sharpness!


The cheese knife has been hallmarked with my sponsers mark at the Edinburgh Assay Office. They also engraved the knife with the wedding place and date.


The handle has been made by the lovely guys at Sorrel Furniture.


WP_20140825_12_01_02_Pro (2).jpg

All packaged up and ready for the wedding!

WP_20140825_17_22_03_Pro (2).jpg

It was a gorgeous day! Such lovely weather and setting!

WP_20140825_20_40_41_Pro (2).jpg

Here I am at the wedding all shaved! Also the bride looks gorgeous too!

WP_20140825_20_44_16_Pro (2).jpg

And here they are cutting the cheese cake with my knife!

Alex and Ash, I wish you the greatest happiness, love and success with your marriage! I couldn't think of a couple who deserves it more!

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