Wedding Services


Congratulations! You're engaged! I know you need to sort the venue, dress, vows, guest list and all. Then, after these minor details, you need to sort your wedding rings, the bride’s jewellery, the groom’s jewellery, your bridesmaids’ jewellery, your best man’s cufflinks and tie pin, your ushers’ cufflinks and tie pin, gifts for the mothers, gifts for the fathers, personalised napkin holders for every guest, and naturally your very own candlestick engraved with the wedding date!


Exhausted? I don't blame you. Planning weddings is stressful and expensive, but we at Ellen Catherine Jewellery are here to help with the jewellery side of things. We are happy to sit down and discuss every piece that you and your partner wish for your wedding, no matter how large or small the order is.


We know many companies embrace the wedding market as an opportunity to raise the prices, but that won't happen at Ellen Catherine Jewellery. We are committed to keeping the prices down to help you have one of the greatest days of your life.